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Welcome!August Newsletter

The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF), Coastal Engineering Section, is undertaking a study to identify issues and provide recommendations for the Improvement of the St. George Island Harbor.

Saint George (St. George) is located on the northeast shore of Saint George Island, the southern-most of our Pribilof Islands. It lies 40 miles south of St. Paul Island, 750 air miles west of Anchorage, and 250 miles northwest of Unalaska. The community lies at approximately 56.60° North Latitude and 169.54° West Longitude. The harbor is five miles from the city at Zapadni Bay. The harbor is typically ice free year round.

The residents of St George are primarily Aleuts. The current population is estimated at 97 (2011 Alaska Department of Labor). The only year round transportation to and from this community is by air or water.

The Federal Government ceased fur seal harvesting in 1983, which shut down the local economy. The same year, US Congress amended the Fur Seal Act of 1966 to recognize that local inhabitants would develop a seafood industry base. However, unless modifications are made to the harbor to make it safe and useable, this new economy cannot be realized.

Alternative plans and other information related to design development will be posted on this web site for feedback from the community and other interested parties. Public participation is strongly encouraged.

Current Status (December 2014): Geotechnical field work is complete.  Draft 30% design drawings for harbor improvements have been prepared and reviewed by DOT&PF. A progress meeting is being planned to be held at St.George in early 2015.

Photo Courtesy of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities